At Wholesale Fancy Fortune Cookies we offer total customization of your gourmet fortune cookies

Our custom services include:

• Colors
• flavors
• message writing
• fortune printing
• packaging
• order segmenting and multiple delivery destinations


Since we invented colored fortune cookies way back in 1988, we know everything there is to know about baking cookies in beautiful, unique colors. While our methods are proprietary, we can tell you that we add color in a way that ensures both quality and consistency. So whether you’re matching corporate or school colors, packaging, website color schemes or any other idea you found over the rainbow, our wizards can make your colorful dreams a reality. Just send us a swatch and we’ll send you back sample cookies to match.


Since we ALSO invented flavored fortune cookies in 1988, we’re the go-to bakers of exotic and unusual flavors. We developed ALL of our 25 gourmet flavors from scratch, so we know what it takes to originate and test successful new flavors. We’re constantly adding to our own repertoire, and we’d be delighted to work with you to create a special taste sensation that perfectly fits your needs. If you’re already in the food and beverage industry, then matching a fortune cookie to your product line is a great idea. For example…

Introduce new flavors of Jones Sodas (known for their quirkiness). Their blue bubblegum is a natural, since we already make a traditional bubblegum flavor, a blue version is a breeze.

A liquor company could have a blast with kahlua or amaretto flavored fortune cookies.

A savvy restaurateur might offer custom fortune cookies when it’s time to present the bill. The flavor might relate to his menu—perhaps sweet & sour or pomegranate.

Or, if you’re in another kind of business, then think about what flavor might complement your products or services—perhaps through a color association.

For Black Diamond (a ski gear company) our dramatic black fortune cookies are perfect, reformulated in a refreshing chocolate mint to evoke the essence of a cool day on the slopes.

If you’re launching and branding a specially colored item—say a purple pill—then a sophisticated take on grapiness would be a winner.

An eco-oriented company could make a splash with our bright green fortune cookies in an all-new fresh combo—perhaps minty lime?

Our company CEO and flavoring queen, Erin Jump Fry, would be happy to speak with you about your special cookie needs.


Give her a call: 888-776-6611 then press 0


This is really where some magic happens, because each fortune is a unique marketing moment with your customer, when you have their undivided attention. And we can help you use it well. With our decades of experience, we know what kinds of fortunes get results, and we’ll be happy to help you craft the best array of messages. Also, we’re very experienced with cookie campaigns that included unique content on EVERY fortune—and we have the proprietary equipment to print your fortunes in-house. We also have a huge database of fortunes you can peruse if you need additional ideas for content.


For maximum quality control, we print all our own fortunes ourselves. That means we can personalize your fortunes however you’d like. On top of that, unlike the other guys, we use a much thicker coated paper to print on, which makes our fortunes more durable—important when your customers need to hang onto your message in order to redeem a coupon or type in a domain name after they get back home. Here are some of your printing options:

• COLOR: We offer full color printing of your fortunes
• PAPER: We can even create the illusion of colored paper to match whatever you need to match in your campaign
• IMAGES: We can add your logo or other small graphic images to the fortunes
• BOTH SIDES: We can print on both sides of your fortunes for maximum message impact
• FONT: You can have virtually any font under the sun
• FONT SIZE: While we don’t recommend going too small for readability’s sake, we can print in different sizes
• HUGE IMPACT: Inside our Giant fortune cookies, you have LOTS of extra room for your marketing message—these amazing treats sport foot-long fortunes. Not only that, because the opening is larger, you can even stuff our giants with all sorts of special things—business cards, gift cards and so on, for deluxe client gifts and sales leave-behinds for those special prospects.


Regardless of other choices, all of our fortune cookies are individually sealed in high quality French cellophane for absolute freshness. Our giant fortune cookies come with bows that match the cookie decorations (right). As with other aspects of cookie customizing, we can do almost anything when it comes to packaging. Please call us to discuss your specific needs.
Below are just a few ideas.

We offer the option of custom color imprinting on our cellophane wrappers, which can really add to the overall effect.
Or if you want an even nicer presentation, one or more cookies can be tucked into all sorts of boxes filled with your choice of colorful sizzle paper.

Many of our customers enjoy extending the Asian fortune cookie feeling by using classic Chinese takeout boxes to hold their cookies. These come in many colors and sizes, and they can be imprinted on one or two sides with your logo or other marketing message.

We’re able to source all sorts of unique packaging ideas, including charming tins, traditional square gift boxes and colorful, glossy bags.

Our giant fortune cookies are beautifully presented with matching silky ribbon and packed in colorful sizzle inside a sturdy white gift box.


Our great customer service doesn’t stop at baking great tasting cookies. With decades of experience delivering huge orders (over a million cookies, for example, pictured right) we know a lot about getting them where they need to go on time. We routinely divide orders into different quantities for different destinations—and can even assure that each separate batch has its own set of unique fortunes. Don’t worry that your plans are too complex—bring it on—and let us make your fortune cookie fantasies come true.

We’re set up to fulfill your order all the way through the packaging process, or if you prefer, we can ship your custom cookies directly to you or to another fulfillment house.

Our Customer Service Magicians will ensure you get the world’s best fortune cookies and help you make an unforgettable impression.

HAVE QUESTIONS? We’ve got all the answers—contact one of our Customer Service Magicians now:

888-776-6611 then press 0.