Wholesale Fortune Cookies

from Fancy Fortune Cookies, the inventor of flavored and colored fortune cookies way back in 1988

Why Wholesale Fancy Fortune Cookies Are Special

Introduce new flavors of Jones Sodas (known for their quirkiness). Their blue bubblegum is a natural, since we already make a traditional bubblegum flavor, a blue version is a breeze.

A liquor company could have a blast with kahlua or amaretto flavored fortune cookies.

A savvy restaurateur might offer custom fortune cookies when it’s time to present the bill. The flavor might relate to his menu—perhaps sweet & sour or pomegranate.

Or, if you’re in another kind of business, then think about what flavor might complement your products or services—perhaps through a color association.

For Black Diamond (a ski gear company) our dramatic black fortune cookies are perfect, reformulated in a refreshing chocolate mint to evoke the essence of a cool day on the slopes.

If you’re launching and branding a specially colored item—say a purple pill—then a sophisticated take on grapiness would be a winner.

An eco-oriented company could make a splash with our bright green fortune cookies in an all-new fresh combo—perhaps minty lime?

 Summer Never Ends at Wholesale Fancy Fortune Cookies

No, we aren’t located in Florida where the sun always shines (we’re in Indiana, actually) but we do bake the best tasting fortune cookies you’ll ever eat. Even if the weather outside is frightful (and that sure happens here in Indianapolis) inside we may be happily baking with last summer’s strawberry harvest. Or we might be working with scrumptious blueberries. While it’s a trade secret how we get such fantastic, vivid flavors into our gourmet fortune cookies, unlike all the other guys, we use only the very finest, freshest ingredients possible. That’s why our lemon cookies taste like real lemons—not like artificial lemon flavoring formulated in a lab (typically from chemicals, crude oil or coal tar).


Our lemon fortune cookies come from these:

Yellow lemon and lemon slices isolated

Everybody else’s lemon fortune cookies come from these:


If you can dream it,

Wholesale Fancy Fortune Cookies can deliver it!

As the inventors of flavored and colored fortune cookies nearly 25 years ago, we are uniquely qualified to make your personalized fortune cookie dreams come true.
• Want your own custom formulated flavor, perhaps a peach vodka flavored cookie? We did it.
• Need colored cookies to match your corporate logo? Easy!

• Want your order split into 25 different quantities and delivered to 25 cities around the world? Oh, and you’d like each city to get customized fortunes? Sure—we’re THAT organized!
• What you really need is for each and every fortune to have a unique number or barcode on the back—say, 50,00 of them. We’ve done it many times.
• You’d like your color logo imprinted on every cellophane wrapper? We excel at that.


Gourmet Fortune Cookies Will Sell For You

Fortune Cookies are actually stealth marketing tools. Because really, who can resist opening up a fortune cookie and reading the message? Studies show that 90% of recipients open and read their fortune cookies! When you consider the low unit cost, this is an advertising and promotional medium that is unsurpassed.


How often people read fortune cookies

So how could you use fortune cookies effectively?
Let us count some ways:

• Launch a new brand or product at trade shows or to the public
• Promote a new website with your domain name on the fortune
• Offer random prizes
• Give away randomized discount coupons
• Distribute clues for an online contest
• Leave-behind gifts for sales reps—fortunes describe product features
• Giant fortune cookies make memorable client appreciation gifts and can be customized for each recipient



Those are just a few of our endless ideas on using fortune cookies as effective marketing tools. For lots more innovative ideas, crack open your custom fortune cookies over here.


Our Customer Service Magicians will ensure you get the world’s best fortune cookies and help you make an unforgettable impression.

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